Getting involved

The main purpose of Early Text Cultures is to make collaborative research easy, efficient and exciting for the academic community in Oxford and beyond. Anybody who has a research idea that agrees with our methodological vision can become a Project Host. We are open to projects of a different scale, aiming at different kinds of outcomes, including joint presentations, conferences, co-authored papers as well as innovative and experimental formats. The life cycle of a typical Early Text Cultures project is as follows:

  1. The Project Host gets in touch with the organisers. After initial discussion, a description of a new project is created outlining the project goals, as well as the Project Host's personal interests and expectations. The call for participation is distributed among the relevant communities in Oxford and beyond.
  2. Potential contributors respond with brief statements of interest within two or three weeks after the distribution of the call.
  3. The Project Host and the organisers meet with the contributors informally to discuss the specific ways and targets of collaboration.
  4. Over several weeks to several months, the Project Host collaborates with the participants towards the desired outcomes.
  5. If the aim of collaboration is a public event, the organisers provide assistance with venue and publicity.

The current Project Coordinator, Yegor Grebnev, is happy to answer any queries regarding prospective projects. You may also consider joining our growing community on Facebook.