Getting Involved

Call for Members 

We are looking for fresh voices and would be delighted to recruit new members, either graduate students, instructors, or early career researchers coming from a variety of different backgrounds, including but by no means limited to ancient Egypt, ancient Mesopotamia and the ancient Near East broadly conceived (including West Semitic and Hebrew), ancient India, South-Eastern Asia and China, Japan, Mesoamerican cultures, ancient Greece, Rome and their neighbours, pre-modern Islamic areas, and Medieval Europe (Slavonic, Germanic, Celtic, and Romance language areas).

Membership is open to students and scholars of any institutional affiliation, as well as independent researchers. As of September 2021, all of our events are planned to be held in a hybrid form, with Zoom connection complementing a limited on-site presence. Speakers and auditors will be welcome but by no means obliged to come to Oxford to attend.  

As a general member, we typically expect that you would cover the following duties: 

If you would like to join ETC as an active member, please fill in the Google form

Become a Project Host

Anybody who has a research idea that agrees with our methodological vision can become a Project Host. The life cycle of a typical ETC project is as follows: