Problematising Binary Identities

Historically, text culture has contributed to the evolution and maintenance of rigid, often polarising identities. Our speakers discuss approaches for re-assessing the presentation of these identities in their own early text materials.Jon Davies (DPhil Classics) studies the colonial encounter between Judaism and the Graeco-Roman world in the context of Roman rule in Judaea. In this paper he will be examining how certain concepts from the field of postcolonial theory can enrich our reading of literary texts produced under imperial rule. (Image: “The Young Bengalee Baboo of the Future”)

Holly Thompson (DPhil Theology) studies the gender binary in the Book of Esther and how the gender binary has been received in the ancient translation and transmission process. In this workshop she will explore how gender theory can be combined with reception history to map the interpretation and development of gender roles in ancient translations of and commentaries on Esther. (Image: “Esther and Mordecai” by Aert de Gelder, 1685)

Following our speakers’ talks, the table will be opened for lively discussion.

Due to the venue size, there are 15 spaces available, to be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Please email to secure your space.