5 July 2022

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0900–0910       Welcome and Opening Remarks 

  Domenico Giordani, UCL / University of Oxford

0910–1020     SESSION I: Byzantine Translations of Latin

 Chair: Domenico Giordani (UCL / University of Oxford)


On the boundaries of philology and history of science: the Greek translation of the

Semita Recta

Flavio Bevacqua, Università degli Studi di Padova

Translating Saint Jerome into Greek: the Life of Hilarion (BHL 3879)

Anna Lampadaridi, Paris, CNRS (UMR 5189 HiSoMA)  

1020–1130     Break

1130–1230     SESSION II: Hellenising Ancient Egypt

Chair: Jordan Miller (University of Oxford)


Textual and Historical Observations on Inscribed Foundation Plaques of Hellenistic


Efstathia Dionysopoulou, Université de Lyon II

Untranslatability and the Case of Ptolemaic Priestly Decrees

Giulia Tonon, University of Liverpool

1230–1330     Lunch break

1330–1440     SESSION III: Translating foundational figures

 Chair: Natasha Downs (University of Edinburgh)


Tibetan Buddhism and the Cult of Chinggis Khan

Dotno Pount, University of Pennsylvania

Greco-Arabic, Beyond Translation: Homer by the Rivers of Babylon

Teddy Fassberg, Tel Aviv University

1440–1500     Break

1500–1600     SESSION IV: Final Roundtable

 Chair: Flaminia Pischedda (University of Oxford)