Writing Orality

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ETC is pleased to present its second series of Online Reading Group meetings, on the theme of Writing Orality. The sessions last for 1h 30mins, comprising two 25-minute talks led by graduate students or early career researchers, followed by a 40-minute general discussion. 

Sessions will discuss avenues for retrieving the oral dimension of texts by combining theoretical approaches and hands-on textual examples. ‘Oral’ is broadly understood to encompass several cultural contexts and phenomena, including but not limited to oral composition, oral delivery and performance, aural reception, and orally informed cross-mediality.


Week 2 (28th January)

Identification and Function of Formulae

Stephen Coleman (Westminster Theological Seminary) and Martina Astrid Rodda (Oxford)

Week 3 (4th February)

Textual Sounds of Orality

Samira Lindstedt (Oxford) and Sophia Pitcher (Bloemfontein)

Week 5 (18th February)

Textual Fabrics of Orality

Joseph Cross (Chicago) and Natasha Downs (Edinburgh)

Week 6 (25th February)

Layers of Orality

Henry Carter (Oxford) and Yeogeun Kim (Oxford)

Week 7 (4th March)

Comparative Methods

Connie Bloomfield (UCL) and Tyler Creer (Brigham Young)

Week 8 (11th March) – 2:00–3:30PM

Reviving Performance

Jaeyoung Jeon (Lausanne) and Jeffrey R. Tharsen (Chicago)

Week 10 (25th March

Formulaic Language

James Parkhouse (Oxford) and Flaminia Pischedda (Oxford)

Week 11 (31st March) Session 1: 3:30–5:00PM; Session 2: 5:30–7:00PM; Discussion: 7:00–7:30PM

Final Roundtable

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