Research Seminar TT 22

ETC is pleased to present the following seminar series in Trinity Term (May and June 2022), which will be on ‘Textual Cultures In Contact’. Through sessions comprising paired papers, this seminar series will enable participants and attendees alike to gain fresh perspectives on the nature of ‘contact’ among textual cultures, and on the affordances and limitations of their fields’ methods and approaches to the topic.   

The seminar will be held in a hybrid form, with Zoom connection complementing a limited on-site presence at the Dickson Poon Building (China Centre, Oxford), Lucina Ho Seminar Room, on Tuesdays 16:30-18:00 UK time (a time zone converter can be found here). Auditors are most welcome to attend in person. Zoom links will be provided on each session's day to those who sign up.

Abstracts for each session may be found in the sidebar to the left, or by clicking on the names of presenters. 


§1st session (week 4, 17th May) 

Cross-Cultural Competition

Near East/Bible/Greece

Joe Barber (Oxford) and Alexander Meeus (Mannheim)

§2nd session (week 5, 24th May)

Scribes as Cultural Vehicles 

Near East/China/Silk Road

Ludovica Bertolini (Prague) and Christopher Foster (SOAS) & Tomas Larsen Høisæter (Western Norway) 

§3rd session (week 7, 7th June)

Materiality of Translation 

Medieval Greek&Latin/China

Erene Rafik Morcos (Princeton/Rome) and Nelson Landry (Oxford)

§4th session (week 8, 14th June)

Religion Through Cultural Boundaries 


Aleksandra Wenta (Florence) and Francesco Barchi (Munich)