The Princeton Early Text Cultures Workshop

What: Graduate Workshop When: April 16th 2016 Where: 202 Jones Hall, Princeton University Organized by Mercedes Valmisa (mvalmisa аt princeton dоt edu)The Princeton Early Text Cultures Workshop shares the intellectual motivation and underlying methodological orientation of the Oxford seminar and borrows its format. We will bring together eight graduate students as speakers in an interdisciplinary dialogue between scholars of pre-modern text cultures. Four of the speakers will present their analysis of sample texts from Early China, each representing a different textual type, and the other four will present counterparts to these text types from other early civilizations such as Mesopotamia, Greece, India or Egypt. Speakers will be paired according to their discussion materials, and each pair will work together to give a joint presentation at a thematic and comparative panel designated for the specific topic. Speakers are expected to communicate and work collaboratively with their matched colleague prior their joint discussion. The event will be divided into four panels of one hour and half of duration each, prioritizing the open discussion and the comparative dialogue over the individual presentations.

For more details and for a list of current projects, see the attached Call for Papers (unfortunately, only North American participants are accepted at this stage).