TT22 Reading Group

We are glad to announce the second reading group series which will take place in Trinity Term (May and June 2022). The four sessions of the series will be held in a hybrid form, with Zoom participants complementing the on-site presence at the Dickson Poon Building (China Centre, Oxford), Lucina Ho Seminar Room, at 16:30-17:30 UK Time. Auditors are most welcome to attend in person. Those who are interested to join online can subscribe here.

Please find the full programme below; abstracts can be found here.

§1st session (week 2, 3rd May)

Victoria Downey (Durham)

'Vergilium cecinisse loquar pia munera Christi': Virgil, Proba, and Early Christian Scripture Beyond the Bible

§2nd session (week 3, 10th May)

Julie Chan (Oxford)

The Origin and Adaptation of the Tang Tale Du Zichun 杜子春 

§3rd session (week 6, 31st May)

Bogdan Draghici (Oxford) 

'All streams flow into the sea, yet the sea is never full': Medieval Orthodoxies in contact

§4th session  (week 7, 8th June)

Trude Dijkstra (Warburg)

The Lettres Chinoises (1739-1740) and its Genre in Shaping Intercultural Encounters Between China and Europe